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National Day

1st August

Celebrated on Friday 30th July for 2021

The Inspiration

RS Components and the Institution of Engineering and Technology have joined forces to create a brand new, one of a kind initiative and National Day called REflect.

Our events are aimed at young people (16-25) to highlight the cool opportunities in the world of engineering and technology that they might not have had access to before.

The National Day

The National Day is 1st August, but where this falls over a weekend we will celebrate this day the Friday before.



Careers in STEM are exciting, rewarding and highly paid yet not everybody has access to this information. Check out our Infographic from 2019.

The UK engineering workforce is just under 90% male and 94% white – these statistics create a real opportunity to make impactful change and address the UK engineering skills shortage that we are currently facing.

Just over one in 10 businesses (12%) are taking, or have taken, any action to increase the diversity of their engineering, IT and technical workforces in terms of the ethnicity, LGBT+ status and disability of the workforce. This reflects a 33% increase over our 2017 report in which only 9% of businesses had taken such actions. It is heartening to see that there have been improvements to companies’ efforts to broaden diversity, but more still needs to be done*.

Read the Impact Report from the 2019 event, find out what visitors had to say, and gain an understanding of the event

Download 2019 impact report

*IET Skills and Demand in Industry Survey 2019

Increasing visibility
of engineering & technology to a broader audience

  • Increase attraction and retention activity within engineering & technology organisations

  • Engage with underrepresented and minority groups

  • Engage with individuals from a low socio-economic background

  • Help those groups to realise their potential and emphasise that engineering & technology can offer rewarding career opportunities for young people, regardless of their background

The ultimate goal is to develop young people
from diverse backgrounds to improve their future prospects!